The Open-Source
Visual Builder Framework

Easyblocks is an open‑source React developer toolkit to build fully customized drag&drop visual builders fast.

Embeddable visual editor for any product.

Easyblocks is a state-of-the-art visual page builder that can be embedded in any product. Compose your own visual building experience without worrying about drag&drop, responsive styling or history management.

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Responsive styling
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Easyblocks editor

Framework-level flexibility

To provide maximum flexibility Easyblocks is designed to be a framework. You can build your own custom set of visually editable components (No-Code Components), templates, data sources and fields.

Our goal is to let you compose your own visual building experience without coding the hard parts of a visual builder.

Framework-level flexibility

Dead simple for end users.
Bye bye HTML/CSS.

Most web builders have an HTML tree on the left and CSS properties on the right. We believe this design is way too complex for most users and use cases.

Easyblocks is based on No‑Code Components - constrained, simple‑to‑use, and highly theme’able visual blocks. It gives your users a lot of personsalization options without compromising simplicity and robustness.

Webflow is too complex

Already battle-tested

Easyblocks is a spin-off from Shopstory - a page builder for headless CMSes like Contentful or Sanity. Millions of page views are already driven by our toolkit.

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In case AGPL3.0 license is too strict we can offer you a custom license. We can also help you with custom services. Let us know via email.
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